How to maintain various sports venues in winter?

2021-12-03 09:00

With the arrival of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder, and our sports floors are also prone to use problems. The venue is decorated with three-point walkways, seven-point maintenance, and the sports ground floor also needs our care and maintenance. So, in the face of the cold winter, how do you maintain the various sports venues in use? Today I will give you a warm reminder~

suspended floor

In cold weather, an assembled floor is required.

"Anti-hard, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, anti-smoke, anti-snow"

1. Wear protective shoes: Please wear sports shoes, do not wear hard-soled shoes, shoes with pointed hard nails, high-heeled shoes and easy-to-wear black shoes to avoid damage and stain the floor.

2. Sand and gravel protection layer: A sandstone protection pad can be placed at the entrance of the suspended assembly floor to prevent the shoes from bringing the sand and gravel into the room to scratch the floor surface.

3. Handling protection: When handling items, especially when there are sharp metal objects at the bottom, do not drag on the floor to prevent floor injury.

4. Pyrotechnic protection: Although a suspended assembly floor is a floor with a fire rating of "combustible", it does not mean that the floor will not be burnt by pyrotechnics. Therefore, when using, do not burn cigarette butts, mosquito coils, iron filings, high temperature. Metal objects are placed directly on the floor.

5. Snow removal: Although the assembled floor has good weather resistance, it is not afraid of high temperature, rain and humidity, as well as snow and ice. However, the snow on site should be dealt with as soon as possible after a snowy day. The long-term snow effect will shorten the life of the floor, and the snow can be cleaned with a normal broom. If the route is icy due to continuous snow, use a rubber mallet to lightly tap the surface to break the ice (do not use a hard object such as a shovel to scrape the snow to avoid damaging the floor surface) to let the crushed ice fall from the hollow surface , and increase the temperature. After slowly dissolving (remember not to sprinkle soluble substances in the field).

6. Regular maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance with clean water. Remember to use corrosive liquids. If you encounter stubborn stains, please use a neutral detergent.

Outdoor PVC Sports Flooring

1. Avoid sand and gravel damage: The use of PVC plastic floors must be kept away from external objects. Put a sandstone protector on the doors of the PVC floor and the hall door to prevent the sandstone from being drawn into the room.

2. Avoid scratching damage: especially when there are metal sharp objects on the bottom, do not rub on the floor, so as not to damage the floor. It is recommended to place a door cleaning pad outside the door; it is also recommended not to wear high heels, shoes with nails, and shoes that will fade or move directly on the sports floor; if moving net posts, referee chairs, etc. When using the equipment, a lifting method is recommended to avoid dragging and to avoid scratching the floor.

3. Flame cigarette holder protection: When using PVC floor, do not put incinerated cigarette butts, mosquito coils, charged irons, high-temperature metal objects directly on the floor, and do not use gasoline or other materials to wipe the dust on the floor. floor surface. Avoid static electricity causing fire in the reaction.

4. Regular floor maintenance: Clean the PVC floor with a neutral detergent. Floors should not be cleaned with strong acid or alkali cleaners and should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Daily Protection You can clean floors with a 90% dry mop to clean heavily soiled parts.

5. Floor Maintenance Note: It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the PVC floor every day, or use a clean 90% dry mop/rag to clean the floor. Make sure to choose a neutral detergent. After cleaning, rinse with water and dry or blot dry. Do not use steel balls or wire brushes to collect dust. This simple and rude method will cause some damage to the floor surface. At the same time, prolonged exposure to strong light and discoloration and fading of the floor must also be avoided.

6. Chemical maintenance: In order to create an environmentally friendly and hygienic floor environment, it is necessary to choose a PVC plastic floor with anti-fouling and waterproof properties. Avoid excessive accumulation of water on the floor for long periods of time. The water should be soaked on the floor for a long time. It can get into the floor, melt the floor glue and lose its adhesion. This can cause the floor surface to protect the wax moisture layer from floor contamination.

rubber track

Due to the low temperature and snow in winter, the plastic runway will also face a huge test. In response to this phenomenon, the following maintenance and maintenance measures should be taken for the plastic runway;

1. The on-site moisture should be removed in time. In winter, always keep the surface of the plastic track dry. Especially at night, the runway is prone to freezing. After using the plastic track, the moisture on the surface should be removed in time to prevent the surface of the plastic track from being damaged by icing. 2. Snow and snow should be dealt with as soon as possible. Once snow accumulates on the plastic runway, it should be cleaned up in time to prevent the snow from freezing and damaging the plastic runway on the runway. After the snow has stopped, use a soft broom to clean the snow. Do not use hard snow removal tools to remove it. Otherwise, the flatness of the plastic track will be affected and the plastic track will not be damaged. If it freezes at night due to low temperatures, it is best to let the frozen snow melt naturally. Remember not to use hard shovels as this will damage the plastic track surface. While melting, it is necessary to clean up the accumulated water in time. At this time, the maintenance and maintenance of the plastic runway is more important.

3. Do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the plastic track. For example, to avoid contamination by harmful substances, always keep clean, avoid severe mechanical shock and friction, do not allow vehicles to drive on the track, stack heavy and sharp objects (except for standard running shoes). Athletes must wear special sports shoes etc.

Silicon PU court

For outdoor PU PU golf courses, winter maintenance work is especially important. First of all, the snow on the golf course should be cleaned up in time, and an ordinary broom should be used to clean the snow on the golf course to avoid freezing. In case of icing, do not use hard objects to snow, and make it melt slowly after the temperature rises. Remember not to sprinkle soluble substances on it. If there is dust on the snow, it needs to be cleaned in time.

Since the silicone PU stadium has good weather resistance and abrasion resistance, it can still maintain its bright colors and will not fade, crush and soften even in climates such as ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain and high temperature.

artificial turf

Winter is a special period for artificial turf, especially in the north, and snowy days are also extremely harmful to turf. If it snows in winter, artificial turf can freeze, become brittle and easily fold if left untreated. If it snows for a long time, the artificial turf must not move at this time. Mowing is easy and affects the lifespan of the turf. When the snow on the artificial turf is completely melted, it needs to be put into use.

There are many tricks on how to clear snow from artificial turf. As long as you master the cleaning time and skills of artificial turf, you can protect the lawn well.

Try to clean up when it snows to avoid damaging the artificial turf. If the snow is too heavy, it will compress to the volume of the artificial turf, and the artificial turf may be crushed. When snow falls, a snow blower can be used for cleaning. Or sprinkle it on the turf with warm salt water, and the snow will melt on its own.

If the snow is too long, the turf will freeze, which not only damages the turf, but is also the most difficult to handle. The freezing of artificial turf can be done with the help of urea. Naturally, wait until the snow and ice melt for a long time, then use urea ice cubes to melt quickly in the sun, and then use tools such as mopping brushes to better comb the artificial turf, so that the turf grass can remain upright and not seriously damaged. harm.

It should be noted that the maintenance of artificial turf should pay attention to winter drainage. After the snow melts, the moisture in the artificial turf can be quickly drained. Therefore, when purchasing artificial turf, it is best to choose drainage holes at the bottom of the turf. At the same time, at the construction site, the drainage construction of the artificial turf foundation must be considered, and attention must be paid to the foundation angle and drainage treatment.